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ramp 23-10-2016 10:52

Just killed the sneaky advertisement plugin, it was not supposed to be there but was inserted due to a leak in Vbulletin.

Tiddy 16-11-2016 11:58

Do I need to do something on my end? I'm getting a pop-up every refresh :(

ramp 23-11-2016 13:25

I notice they are back when not using FF, will go over it again.

ramp 23-11-2016 14:42

It's in the vbadvanced code somewhere, disabled that for now, as I can't find it, need more time for that later.

No more adds or popups now thuogh according to my friendly addblock.

Bociwen 30-11-2016 23:32

woo! \o/

Tiddy 25-02-2017 16:47

If it helps Ramp, I was on mobile when they were popping up for me.

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