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Emohawk 16-06-2007 20:04

Is there any website that will give a rough estimate on the price of old comics? Google provided very little except for ebay, but what I have is not there...
Need cash and I think it's time for them to go...

Precursors 17-06-2007 02:29

what kind of comics? =P

Savahl 17-06-2007 10:29

Might be worth giving Dave's Comics a call, in brighton. Don't know if they will buy them off you but they are pretty friendly guys and I'm sure they would at least give you some guide!
(0) 1273 691012

Emohawk 17-06-2007 21:55

Cheers Savahl...

Just some X-men/Spiderman comics - about 12 years old now

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