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Application Cristal
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Application Cristal

Name: Zerek
Age: 31
Games: SWG bothian imp didn make force user till force village
EQ human bard raided till plane of time
WoW every class to 85 raided everything WotLK to current
EQ2 every class to 90 main ogre zerker on venikor loved eq2 pvp
War high elf white lion played till i couldnt take the fluff changes
Other games: every tabel top mini game i can get my hands on - flames of war i just havent picked it up. roleplaying with dice and paper even with real people at a table. game matters less than company.
Work/school: just about finishing up with trade school jan 28th 2012 last day i am looking for work alot as i will like to contue to eat and such. so play time will alter as i do not know where i will get hired and when i will be working.
Where I live: Tucson Arizona USA out side of it far enough that i have to chase javilina(wild pigs) off my car from time to time.
Why Legion: I fall under friends and family i would say. I know Primaris IRL and he sugested that i play on this server.

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Glad too see that you finally got around to applying! I knew all I had to do was talk about the fun times I've been having with the Legion crew. :)
Now if only the rest of the guys from the club would remember to apply. :P

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Heya Zerek, and welcome to the forum and to Legion.

Fixed you forum access, hop on irc so we can get to know you, and poke one of command ingame for invite.

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

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