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Enlistment Applications for The Legion community

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well already posted in raid request and in the general an introduction so here is my official application

My name is Roy, I'm a 22 year old guy from the netherlands, and a close friend of Iminay. I am what you could consider a pretty hardcore gamer, played computergames since forever and still play them way to much for my own good. Besides that i'm still a social person tho so (yeah we go to a gamecafe with friends w00t go social life :P)

Former games i was in:
AO for 1.5 or 2 years,
Diablo2 for 2 years,
Planetarion (legion scared me there ;))
Ragnarok online for like 4 years.. eb!l

currently playing WoW, my main is Sitari, a 60 NE rogue. Arenia is my alt, 45 human priest, but i dont play her all that often. Right now i'm a member of Band of Brothers (was also in AO).

What i expect from joining VTS is a solid group of fun ppl to Raid and PVP with, as well as just having fun in game / vent / forums.
I dont consider myself a loot whore, altho i can get frustrated at times >_<

I'm pretty sure that Iminay will sponsor my application altho i havent officially asked him yet (will do tonight) :P
thats about it, if you have any questions just write here or contact me in game :)
Sitari - 60 Rogue [Mannoroth]

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wiseass *g*
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This enlistment forum is not for WoW, the only thing you can do there is post on the raids thread (you've done that already) or get known to some ppl good enough that they will post an application for you in our internal WoW enlistment forums.

cu starside

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aah ok thanks then.. at least i look forward to raid with you all
Sitari - 60 Rogue [Mannoroth]

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