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hello i am here to apply for the guild victuri te salutant. I have a 60 gnome warrior who is 51 points into protection and has full valor set. i have 304 engineering and 300 mining skills. i also have an epic mount!! lol. i am attuned to BWL, and MC, and also have my onyxia key, i have some experience in both MC and Onyixia but have yet to embark in BWL. I also have a lvl 46 human priest who is enchanting and tailoring. i am working my best to bring my priest up as fast as i can. I am willing to play either character when need and am on alot. I go to college at teh UNiversity of Toledo, and have no firday classes, so weekends are prime playing time for me, but i can also make raids during the week. I am here to register for the guild b/c of Loretta-60 druid. My priests in game name is Jas and my warriors name is Xager. i am eastern standard time

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Hi Xager - please use the WoW Enlistment forum below this one :)

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