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Old 11-02-2003, 17:04   #1
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I'm part of that group of friends, social misfits and speshal retards calling themselves The Usualsuspects. I'm going to be seated in front of a computer anyway for most of the foreseable future and so I promised i'd play SWG with them. That's the main reason for my wanting to join Legion now, since your going into SWG in a big way.
That and with the exodus from PA of the 'old' alliances seems I'm going to have a fair few friends hereabouts anyhow.

While on the topic i've played PA since r3. Badly at first - but well enough to float around with Evil Scum(tm) (read: Fury) for the last couple of rounds. Now I'm with Fury2. hmm.
I'm with Ecury... Fulipse...
Well, maybe you get what im trying to say. I do techincal things for them. When I'm bored i make little scripts. When I'm really bored i re-write attack bots. Initially developed for Fury then for Obsidian(SS) there was an arbiter system and exec tools webby too.

I might've promised in a moment of weakness to 'do' the suspects' webby.

I'm actually one of those real healthy fit type people that munches a carrot and tomato juice for lunch and spends the evening in the gym. Well at least I was in a nightmare i had, once. I'm a 25yo IT techie with a physical dependence on internet connectivity that prevents me participating in any social activity. I'm also an avid reader of Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature. I think asking if SWG will include yslamari covers previous exposure to the SW universe.

I really enjoying dying in CS. I've got a really neat trick where I die every round. If any wants me to show it them i'll be more than happy. I work too much and spend more of the money gained than I intend. Quite likely I can already be found on Legion IRC network.

/me goes in search of suspects and friends to vouch...

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Satanis can be described in 2 words "Professional Gamer", whatever this guy turns his hand to he absolutely owns it, always taking things to the next lvl. Not only have i worked with Satanis within the Usualsuspects i worked with him in an alliance basis in G-II , a truely exceptional guy who pays so much attention to things ( so watch out :p ) and someone who i would always go to if i had a question, this guy embodies everything that is good about legion and so MUST be a legion player


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Hehe, lo Sat ;)

Well i originally met Satanis when i was HC of G-II in R3, and he was a member an elite sub section of G-II, aptly named 'G-Force' :) These were the players that were just as good as any of the legion plebes, but didnt have the contacts to get in ;)

Needless to say, i snapped up the cream of the crop for the Suspects, and weve been lumbered with Satanis ever since ;)

He has been a truly excellent addition to the suspects, and at times, i wonder what we would have done without him. His techie skills are exceptional, and i value his opinion a great deal. His playing ability (at planetarion at any rate ;)) is also very good indeed - i would say that, with practice, he *could* be as good as me ;)

He is one of the few people from online i have met irl (though with the suspects meet coming up the amount will go up considerably ;)), and he gave me a laptop to use at i10 (at his expense, sat = star ;))

I always like to try and balance out my vouches by listing the bad points i can think of someone, but the truth is, i really dont have a bad word to say about satanis. he is dependable, loyal and intelligent, and as such, would prove a very valuable addition to legion indeed.

Activity? it would be interesting to hear how many hours a day sat *isnt* on irc and not idling ;) it certainly cant be many :)

All i beg of you is that you forgive his 'Fury' indisgression and accept his application ;)

If i havent made it ubundantly clear, Sat should be legion. He has so much to add to legion, not least his tech skills :)

There are very few people indeed that i will ever vouch with such certainty that they will make an excellent legion member (oc thats not to say i didnt think people ive vouched for in the past would not :))

Ah, too cut a long story short,

Every morn brought forth a noble chance
And every chance brought forth a noble knight.

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<Telmar> yus
<Telmar> but i aint deleted meh pron fs
<fierypies> heh
<fierypies> back up
<Telmar> yup

An unquestionable, undeniable VOUCH
Old 11-02-2003, 19:43   #4
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An unquestionable, undeniable VOUCH

In terms of planetarion (which seems to be the universal how long someone has known someone in vouches these days) i've known sat since the beginning of round 7. When i joined the suspect galaxies.

Our galaxy had the most features and tools i'd ever seen, from monitoring gal picture hits to just the forums we used. And the reson for all of this was due to a certain suspect known as Satanis. To put it bluntly he is a technical genius and that is a slight understatement. Some of the tools and scripts he creates are absolutley brilliant, and i'm sure he would be a welcome addition to legion for this matter alone.

Apart from his computer skills Satanis is a very skilled player, and had one huge ass planet in round 7. Sat's activity is immense in fact i think he's never offline and sat's inputs to conversations is always a welcome contribution.

To sum up:
He is a fountain of knowledge on all computer related problems and queries and is always willing to lend a hand, he's a great gamer, offers more activity than you could shake a stick at, is friendly and above all would fit into the legion ranks seamlessly.

A huge and resounding VOUCH.

Old 11-02-2003, 20:36   #5
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I got to know sat when I joined the Suspects in rnd 5.
To start of he is a very professional and able player (at Planetarion at any rate) and if he takes those skills over to SWG he will be a very valuable player to the Legion.

As stated in other posts, he is a VERY skilled and modest techie. I have lost count of the times he's helped me out with stuff, whether it was mIRC scripting, web development, hardware problems...

I respect satanis a lot, his contribution to most discussions are insightful and his sense of humour is very good indeed.
It would be a great shame if satanis wasn't given the opportunity to join us.

It would be more of a loss to the Legion than anything else...



Old 12-02-2003, 10:00   #6
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25 year old IT techie, i know the feelin...
at least we can expect maturity in most cases
"Vegetarian, an old Indian word for lousy hunter"

Old 12-02-2003, 10:10   #7
Obesa Cantavit
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I first met Satanis when we were supposed to join the same galaxy together until Sid decided to change the Fury rules.

Played some Dungeon Siege with him later on and saw him more frequently when i joined Fury after Legion dissvoled as a PA Alliance.

Satanis is cool and got my VOUCH!

Old 12-02-2003, 13:23   #8
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I have known Satanis since RS 'stole' him from G-ii. Have played in the same gal as him for many rounds of pa and have always dmired his dedication to the game he is playing. He seems, sometimes, to have an encyclopedic knowledge of EVERYTHING related to pa and is always willing to help out and advise on important issues.

I have played other games alongside him (space etc) and he has been just as dedicated to those as he was with planetarion. He just doesnt seem to give up util he has achieved his goals, which is Exactly the kind of player we need in legion.

His technical skills are so far superior to mine that tbh i dont really know what to say about them... 'He makes 1337 stuff' is about the best i can come up with. I have seen alot of stuff he has created (websites, bots etc) and all of it has been nigh on perfect. He not only has great technical expertise but is very happy to help people who need it as well... A quality that I personally would like to see more of these days :)

When I met him irl it was a bit of a shock, I had always kindof imagined him as a small quiet nerdy type guy (no offense sat :-P ) but when actually meeting him i found myself faced with a friendly interesting guy that i had no problem chatting to. (As a shy person myself this is quite a rare occurance)

He has advised me on real life issues that i couldnt have dealt with on my own and has been a very supportive and loyal friend to me all throughout the time i have known him. To sum up....


Old 12-02-2003, 13:36   #9
Hasselhoff Jr
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I first met Satanis when we were supposed to join the same galaxy together until Sid decided to change the Fury rules. (Same as Valhalla planetarion round 7)
Got to know him a better through batllegroup idleing and found that he is a nice chap who deserves a vouch from me.
He is also a skilled IT-resource person as others have mentioned. I used a tool he made and must say I was impressed.

He will be a very good addition to our community both as a IT-person and person! :)

<Grendel> u all have dirty minds

Old 12-02-2003, 15:57   #10
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you know this is quite a positive process. It's done my Ego a whole world of good and brightened up my mid-working week blues.

i expect the tally of pints I owe at i15 will get much inflated based on the responses here.

thx guys :)

Old 14-02-2003, 17:53   #11
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Ahhh, Satanis..

I remember when i first met satanis, he proved me wrong a number of times, and i really didnt like that. True i went off on a few but soon realised he's a very knowledgable guy who rarely strays from the facts. Its nice to know when u know u are right about something, as his comments are rarely questioned as he does know a hell of a lot about pretty much everything.

Was always a bit of competition between us, both being techies and developers.. Well it certainly put me in my place :P

Seriously though, hes a great guy who has saved my planet numbers of times. He always works out the best option for everyone, i dont know how he calculates it all so quick but he does... even if it means losing his fleet to defend ur very valuable roids... That itself is very selfless :)

Ever since R6, i know sat is a very dedicated person.. we were top, we got VERY heavy incoming for weeks, and whilst others seem to leave and become inactive, i remember he was always there and dedicated to our cause. I joined fury originally with sat as we decided to stick together after our gal bottled it.. but soon enough they came back with their excuses ;)

sat r0x0rs :p

and heres one big VOUCH from me :)

Old 14-02-2003, 22:00   #12
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i have known sat for ages now, about 4 pa rounds (maybe more). He would be a great addition to legion with his techincal skills and his mature nature. He is very active on irc and gets involved with all of our discussions. In every game i have played with him he has shown great game knowledge and commitment, usually making forums/calcs/scripts for the games. In conclusion Sat is a great guy to have in your irc channel and i am sure he would make a great legionaire.
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Old 15-02-2003, 12:23   #13
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I first met satanis probably about 2 years ago, all the way back in rnd5 of PA, when he joined our galaxy. The one thing that has always stuck with me is the immediate impact he had for us as a galaxy, bringing with him all this techie skills he brought us our infamous !alarm scripts, Warbots and various webby tools (all legal mind you :)) to aid us in PA and it made a huge difference for us.

When satanis sets his mind on something, I've never known him to give up on it until the job is finished. He's a man of solid integrity, I don't think I've ever had so much respect for someone who I've never met in person before.

Away from PA, satanis' knowledge and skills appear to be endless, the guy is a walking, talking brainbox and he's definately a h000ge star wars fan heh...

One Definate VOUCH!

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Application Accepted - Left as an example to both applicants and vouchers of how we expect an Enlistment thread to look and what it should contain.

∆ - from the ashes of good intentions come forth lasting friendships... the ∆ternals

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