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old member back
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old member back

HI i just wrote a long msg to whoever reads these.the think disapeared.And now its gone so heres a shorter versjon.VtS is the best gaming community ive been part of,so id like to prove myself again.
i work my alot so i have most of the games that is any good that is.
Played EQ1 EQ2 AOen was just trial. eq2 i love but no organisations will stopp me from being a spacekadett,yet...so this is an app for your comunity.
if it helps i have some high leverl char in other games but eve has got me hoked again so EVE it will be till i can help more.
again tell "sfw"hes a skitten mann.he prolly know its me then.
take care lads ill try my best.was great fun last time,i died but ratho saved the day
Hoping one day i can say im a member of the respected The Legion.if not ill be glad to assist
(hoping for a positive response )

On Before and thanks from the not so quiet applicant

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points are not spaces
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lawl.. tyek din skitne same:)

someone let tyek back in!!! he's great.
and start answering the phone tyek or ...!!!
f34r my typ0s..

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