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Primaris' Application for SWtOR
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Primaris' Application for SWtOR

Hello everyone,

Its been a while since you guys have heard from me.
Back in the day, when I used to play Anarchy Online, I was a long time member of Band of Brothers. My main's name in AO was Primaris and I resurected that name for SWtOR.
If you would like refrences (as short list) ask Mistydee, Kendrick, Silentcrit, BigFoo, Breton, Laser, Jeffe, more then a few guys from BoB should hopefully remember me (we all met in game almost 10 years ago).

I followed everyone over to World of Warcraft when it came out. Unfortunately, shortly there after, real life inteveened and the requirements of the service took me out of the loop for 6+ months at a time. My on line gaming turned sporatic at best.

Now that I am retired, I am a full time student and as such, I have pleanty of free time to pursue my hobbies.

As chance would have it, Misty and I found each other on Facebook and she told me that you guys were also going to play SWtOR. Some of the guys from the old BoB, that i keep in touch with regularily, also mentioned that they were going to be playing. So, Misty suggested that I get ahold of you guys so we can run together again.


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Heya Primaris, and welcome to the forum and Legion :)

Forum access sorted, feel free to abuse it, and hop on irc to chat with us :p

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

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Welcome to our boards Primaris!

Hop on IRC via http://chat.legionhq.org
Please register with the in-game guild via http://www.swtor.com/guilds/26524/legion and drop a note with your TOR forum nick on Sabre's Unknown applicant's post http://www.legionhq.org/showthread.php?t=27354

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Good to hear from you Primaris! It's been a long time!

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Its good to be "home"

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Imsdal - Thanks for authorizing access
Gaijin - Thanks for the links

I went and applied for application on the SWtOR guild page. For some reason I could not use "Primaris" there. So I decided to use an old time handle from when people used to come to my apartment to "game".
My name there is "LordMakany"

The name came from a running joke about warning people to not disrespect my home, because as lord and master of my domain, I will kick your sorry a$$ to the curb if you do. The response from the crowd was a sarcastic "yes Lord Makany"...

In any case, I contacted the SWtOR forum moderator to see why Primaris was not acceptable. Perhaps it means something rude (or is very similar to something rude) in a language that I am not familiar with.

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