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Madawc enlisting for SW:ToR.
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Madawc enlisting for SW:ToR.


My name is André. I'm a 26 year old guy from Norway, currently deciding whether or not to study or to work.

The first MMO game I tried was World of Warcraft back in 2004. A friend of mine had bought it, and I was eager to try it. After the first 2 or 3 quests I went and bought it for myself. I've been playing it ever since, although not as much these days as back then. That's where SW:ToR come in!

In World of Warcraft I've been a part of a few guilds, both hardcore and casual, and I've experienced pretty much all of the raid content. I haven't been much of a PvP guy, but after a friend of mine forced me to play with him, I took it to my liking. Lately though, I have grown tired of the game and I'm looking for something new. I only bought SW:ToR two days ago, and I'm enjoying it very much. But playing alone all the time isn't all that much fun is it? So I'm enlisting to Legion, hoping to get to know you guys, have a lot of fun, and master the game as we go along. I've been told this server is the place to be by Xenius and Yamada, so here I am.

Whether or not I'll be raiding I'm not entirely sure about just yet, but I'll come around to it at max level I guess. I bet you'll be doing some PvP as well and if it's any good, I'll be sure to put off a few hours for that as well.

Best regards,

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Confirm that I know this guy irl. :) great guy :D friendly and all that :p

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Gotta vouch for this guy, he's a good friend IRL and a good player. Sort of.

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Heya Andrč and welcome to the forums and to us :)

Poke me ingame for invite, forum access is sorted out.

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

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Thanks! I'll PM you ingame. :)

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