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Application for Cúchulainn
Old 24-01-2012, 08:23   #1
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Application for Cúchulainn

Name is Del. I work in the IT department at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, 38 years old and go by the name Cúchulainn in games. Used to play Planetarium with Legion back in the day. Been mostly playing fps games and iRacing for the longest time, but my sponsor/brother-in-law Axis got me to buy SWTOR around Christmas time and haven't touched an fps game since. Just hit lvl 50 and finishing up Voss before heading to Corellia. Play as a sith marauder right now and just been learning the in's and out's of MMO world.

I usually play 3-4 hours a night roughly, longer on weekends, and will probably be working on a couple more classes for in game once I get my sith up to snuff. Been trying to group up with people when possible but it's hard to find help, so it would be awesome to have a permanent group to help and find help when needed. Soloing sucks!

Anything else you need to know just ask.


Old 24-01-2012, 11:21   #2
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I cant agree more Del, soloing sucks, and questing and raiding with your friends makes the game so much more enjoyable :)

That said, welcome to the forum and to us. Again ;)

Get Axis to confirm this, and we'll get you sorted ingame and forum access. Oh and feel free to idle/chat with us on irc!

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

Old 24-01-2012, 11:57   #3
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Welcome. It's always good with more old farts!

Old 24-01-2012, 22:21   #4
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Confirmed! Welcome back Del!

Old 25-01-2012, 08:13   #5
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Forum access fixed, feel free to enjoy it!

Poke one of command ingame for invite :)

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

Old 26-01-2012, 01:07   #6
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added ingame 26 jan

Old 17-02-2012, 23:14   #7
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Have teamed with him and he's very helpful :)
likes to chat with me in vent :)

Mistydee 85 Priest WoW
Mistydee 219 Doctor AO
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Old 17-02-2012, 23:56   #8
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WTF we simply CANT have 2 Del's in vent. this is very VERY bad. j/k lol

Ive ran with him on a few daily groups lately and he is pretty cool. Getting to learn the game and is helpful.
in tribute to the Crimson Knights.... XWA pilots, friends to the end.

From the Ashes of Good Intentions, come forth Lasting Friendships..... the Ćternals

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