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Just wanted to introduce myself on the forums. My name is Matt. I'm 20 years old and live in Queens, NY. I've been playing WoW since release day and basically I'm looking for a larger group of people to raid and have fun with. I reached lvl 40 in about 2 weeks and lvl 59 after about a month. I burntout and decided to make some alts and play them instead of reaching 60. Took me another month to get from 59 to 60. I'm a fully protection spec'd warrior, with only 15 talent points in other areas. I have no problem holding aggro, could just use some better gear to live longer, lol.

Before WoW I played Planetside for about a year on the Emerald server. I was an officer in the Black Widow Company, br20 cr4 (one bar away from cr5 before WoW was released -_-). I loved that outfit because it was very military style but the members knew how to have fun. Unfortunately, they remained in Planetside so I was left to fend for myself. I also play a lot of Counterstrike. It's the only thing holding me together until Battlefield 2 comes out, lol.

In real life, I'm a college student working towards a major in marketing. I play mostly on weekends now, but I do catch some time here and there on weekdays depending on how much work I have for school. I'm pretty much into anything and everything, sports, music, art, travelling, etc.

I'm sure I need to group with you a bit to get to know me. So if you need a super tank for a raid or anything, just give epicballa a whisper =)

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wrong forum, check WoW Enlistment and reply to the "Joining Raids" threads :)

cu starside

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well i see ugabuga already put my name in the joining raids thread, but no one's ever contacted me =*(

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