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60 warrior
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60 warrior

-- In game information ---

Name: Onslaughts
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Level: 60

24 warrior
15 warlock

--- Character information ---

Talent Spec - 20/31/0
Willing to respec for purpose of tanking and/or DPS.

Trade Skills
300 mining
300 enchanting
I have 25 agi to 2h, 15agi, healing power, mana regen, Greater NR, Greater FR

Head: Lionheart helm
Neck: strength of mugamba, Drakefire amulet
Shoulders: Stockade pauldrons
Back: Stormpike soldiers cloak
Chest: Zandalar vindicators Bp
Wrists: bracers of brutality
Hands: Gauntlets of valor
Belt: Zandalar vindicators belt, Highlander plate girdle
Pants: Direwing legguards
Boots: highlander plate greaves
Rings: Don Julio’s Band // band of flesh
Weapons: Empyran demolisher. Quel serrar, Ancient hakkari manslayer, Lord alexanders battle axe.
Range: Gorewood bow, Screeching bow.
Other Information:
- My /Played is 126 days .

Fire Resistance Gear:200Unbuffed -
- working on getting more librams and suchbut at this moment have di helm di legs Bop of chromatic flight, Onyxia cloak, Peridot circle of FR, Ocean breeze, Royal seal of eldre'thalas, Onyxia blood talisman, Skullflame shield, drakefire amulet, emberplate armguards of stamina.

- I’ve stopped playing and started back up a few times resistance gear was put in a bank slot and never touched for months, I personally know I can obtain a lot more quite easily.

--- Previous Guilds ---

Guild: Vodka
References: Tshingh, zandien
Reasons for leaving: Was more than a dumb one, We were stuck on Ragnaros for the longest times and there had been a lot of unstable infastructure at the time, multiple guilds were still blooming and at this point and talk of disbanding at that time had been the reason for leaving.

Guild: Iconoclast
References: Puzo, Rago, Midar
Reasons for leaving: Iconoclast was for a good amount of reasons, one of which I think or at least feel was a driving force was the fact that I always got into disputes with one or more officers over things, and it had come to where some of them would never admit they were wrong. ( It caused more than enough tension) We had also been prone to excess amounts of drama, because we always had wank decisions made and never reason behind it. Although I liked alot of members in Icono and still respect a good amount of them ( whether they return the love is up to them) I just felt it wasn't my place to be there anymore.
--- Why I would like to join VTS---

I want to be apart of the top players in world of Warcraft who are considered the best of the PvE role in World of Warcraft. I feel VTS are among these people.. From previous guild experiences I realized how important seriousness, determination, and focus are needed to be successful at the next level PvE. I am ready to go to attempt to achieve the "next level" of PvE where all these attributes matter, thus, I am aping to VTS, because I know you are successful at what you do. I wish to be in a guild that can successfully kill AQ bosses, Down Bwl, MC, And Onyxia with ease and no stress, and VTS is just such a guild.

How would I benefit the guild?
I feel that I would benefit the guild by my ability to listen and follow directions in PvE . I have shown in PvP that I can listen as well as lead. I consider myself to have a good amount of dedication, and I reach all my goals I try to set for myself. So I’d be willing to help the guild by farming for herbs/items/etc. I fully understand my role as a warrior in PvE and in PvP. I have experience in all bosses in Molten core, all bosses in BWL including nefarion, all bosses from 20Man AQ.

References from VTS


--- Raiding Times / TS/Ventrillo

Raiding Times:
I can raid whenever and however long, my work schedule is very flexible with hours so get me times of when we raid and I can get my schedule around that.

I have Ventrillo and Teamspeak and can use both.

--- Personal information ---

My name is Ken. I’m 20 years old, my occupation is college and working at a movie theater. I live in Texas atm and my main hobby is Wow of course. Last time I checked I was a male.

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Yeah sorry bout that reposted in right spot ignore this please : O

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hehe np

Anarchy Online - Votomol 220 Engineer || World of Warcraft - Votolom 80 Druid

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