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Enlistment Applications for The Legion community

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Hello sirs and misses, was wondering if you guys are accepting members for Pirates of the burning sea. Just started but already decided that I want that Ship Of the Line before anything else! gwahaha agh...

Am willing to go through " initiations" auughh

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starting off, im not a recruitement officer.

Usually before we accept people in (this is the way we did it ever since planetarion and later in AO, SWG, WoW, EVE, whatever other games we played) we ask them to apply, not with just a "hey i want in, im cool" but with a somewhat formal application stating something about your gaming history, reasons for wanting to join the legion as opposed to another guild/alliance, whatever they call it in PotBS. After that, and usually prior to that you have made some friends within legion, people will be asked to vouch for you. If you get enough voucher and stuff an initiation period will be in place during which your 'performance' will be evaluated. After a certain preset period a decision will be made to either let you in, extend the period, or deny entrance. In the beginning period of a game, when we haven't proven how 'l33t' we are (to go back a few years in time language wise..) yet, the recruitment process is normally somewhat more lenient and easy, the longer we play the harder it gets. And all that is also dependent upon the amount of players as well of course :-).

Anyways, good luck out there argh and all that!

ps: we normally have an age limit set as well, no younger than 18, but that also may very from time to time and game to game.

Just a heads up :-)

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Shoot me
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And Legion dont have a division in potbs

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