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Bombaklaat is offline
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hello, with this thread i would like to join ur humble community of kick assness.

I'm a young buck of 32 years of age named Fredrik. Living in southern Sweden, closer to denmarks capitol than my own...
At work i force potatoes to have sexual propagation and keep the ones that pleases me. In addition to my exhilirating work I jump out of fully functioning airplanes, play computer games, boardgames and entertain ladies.

my history starts in mid autumn 1979 when i popped out of my mothers vagina and went straight to a humdicrib and made myself comfortable.
I bloomed early but lost my "real" virginity kinda late, around 17 with a semi-ugly girlfriend, but she had her own house in the backyard which made it a pleasant relationship:D
9 years later I start to study horticulture to get more inside info on how to grow those buds bigger :) and now im here, applying to legion :)

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i'm sponsoring bombaklaat to become a legionnaire.

- real life friend of mine
- sharing joy and rage throughout many gaming sessions
- engineering the next generation of vodka potatoes and hemp for the swedish climate
- playing swtor with us soon (tm), swtor forum nick is hemphero
- some might have played with him on hellscream [eu]

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Tenzo is offline
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I'll sponsor the hemp loving hairy swede too

- real life friend of mine
- sharing <snip> rage throughout many gaming sessions
- engineering a clone for Mr Potato Head to copulate with..
- playing swtor with us soon (tm)
- being the illegitimate love child of Chewbacca and Dr Gonzo

Old 29-08-2011, 22:36   #4
Nasir is offline
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Location: Sweden
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If I can vouch I want to vouch for my rl buddy Fred. Very kind and good gamer. He likes to gather data and share on skype and is always very helpful. Just don't let him cyber your sister.

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