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Kirazzo's SWTOR Application
Old 16-11-2011, 20:14   #1
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Kirazzo's SWTOR Application

Hi There,

I'm 32 living in Sweden and currently drooling on ingame clips of SWTOR. I've played Lotr, Wow, Eve, Everquest etc.

I usually play tanky/melee chars tho I dont mind healer/mage types either from time to time.
I'm an evening/night player as much as work permits me to.
Old buddies: gaijin, nasir, bombaklaat and tenzo.

Ingame name is Kirazzo in all games (so far)


Old 16-11-2011, 20:53   #2
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Hey Kirazzo, and welcome to the forum and to us :)

Gai told me you would apply, so dont need to wait for him to confirm it. Feel free to drool on the swtor section, and hopefully the next month will pass fast ;)

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

Old 16-11-2011, 20:55   #3
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dont let him in........!!!!

welcome to the nuthouse mate :)

Old 16-11-2011, 20:58   #4
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yay. Hai Chief!

Old 17-11-2011, 10:40   #5
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Welcome Kirazzo!

SWTOR: Kuroiken | Sabre | Sabrena
SWG: Kuroiken | Sabre | Nela | Sojiro
WoW: Sabree | Kurosabre
WAR: Kuroiken

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