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Application for SWTOR
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Application for SWTOR

Greetings officers and members of the legion. I would be honored to become apart of the legion, I am 24 years old, mature and want to have a great play experience. I just finished the beta testing weekend and the game is amazing as is and I cant wait untill I get my collectors addition in the mail! I will be playing an Imperial agent *sniper* and will be playing all the time. I like every aspect of the game pvp, pve, raids, ect.. In the past I have played SWG, FFxi, LOTR online, WOW so I am no stranger to MMO's. I will end this here and again I would be honored to join the Legions ranks, Thank you for your time.

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Hi and welcome to the boards, we are glad you found your way here.

However we agreed to some guidelines regarding new recruits which have to be followed by all new members before we can consider your application.

You can find the recruitment guidelines here.

For a start and till the game kicks off we recomnend you to join our public irc channel at irc.legionhq.org . You will be autmatically put into the correct channel and you can make up some contacts with us.

I hope to see you around.

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Hey Zavien, and welcome to the forums. Like Steam writes, read up on the guidelines, and if you need tips on what to write, feel free to check out Rinkia's application.

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

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