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Velkator's application for SWTOR
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Velkator's application for SWTOR

Greetings Legionnaires!

So, the last beta weekend is over and it's almost time for SWTOR launch!
I was told to check out this awesome guild by Xenius. And from the looks of it, you all look like a nice bunch of chums :D
And thus I hereby submit my application to become a part of The Legion.

I'm a 29 year old Norwegian who currently live in the US cause of my studies that I do over here. Not sure how long I will stay, but probably a year or so :)
I like gaming(obviously), more specific it's usually MMO's, RPG's, Battlefield series, and even some browser games. You might see me do some downhill skiing, but less by the year. Otherwise just hang out with friends and do some fun stuff whatever it is.

My history in MMO's dates back to Ultima Online and Everquest. The latter which has occupied most of my online time probably. I've tried so many I dont dare list them all. Many up's and down's to say the least.
I'm an avid Star Wars fan, and have played both KOTOR games extensively. So when there was a new Star Wars MMO(!) game announced, you can imagine I was thrilled. Not to mention that Bioware was behind it all.

My playstyle varies a lot. I've been in casual family guilds at some point to the more hardcore 6-7 days a week raiding guilds. But whatever I do seem to enjoy it so it doesn't really matter.

So, I've been in on your irc channel a bit this weekend and said hello. Hope to see more of you. I think I've even seen a few familiar faces, at least Cirno, and I believe Gatewayy? If it's who I think it is :D

I've tried to make it short and easy to read, if there's anything else you'd want to know, please do ask!

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I vouch for this fellow.

Hearts of Iron 4 Anticipation level:

Legion IRC

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Signatures are lame

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Heya Velkator, and welcome to us :)

Fixed your forum access, so feel free to abuse it :p And keep hanging out on irc, it's good to see new faces!

\Imsdal/ /Boojah/ \Sombreros\ \Gimpsdal/ /Severance\

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