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Name: Kevin

Character Name: Mclaren
Class: Warlock
Spec: 0/30/21 MD/Ruin and yes i will respec if needed for raiding.
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy

I am attuned to instance that is currently out.

My PVE expereience: Ive killed everything in MC, BWL ,AQ20, ZG, and the first 3 bosses in AQ 40.

Shadow 315 if i have my felhunter out
Nature: 150ish

Previous guilds: Aftermath

The reason why I left was my schedule conflicted with raid times and therefore I left. I also just needed a break from the raiding. So in the time Ive been guildless ive been farming all the resistances I need to be up to date with everything. I also have a 60 Priest that I made for the hell of it.

Reason why I want to join:
Meet new people, I have done ZG with you guys once and thanks for letting me go btw. I just liked the way you guys handled everything. it seemed like a good atmosphere to be in.

Time played perday: depends sometimes 8+hours but that all depends on what I have going on that day. For raids ill stay on as long as the raid is going.

My timezone is Eastern so its the same as game time.

That is really all i can think of at the moment if you have any questions you can send a tell in game

Mclaren-60 Warlock
Allero-60 Priest

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