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Xandon's Application for SWTOR
Old 25-11-2011, 16:41   #1
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Xandon's Application for SWTOR

Hi everyone, my RL name is Ivan and I'm 27 years old. I'm from Canada but am currently working in the Education field in Hong Kong. I'm a RL friend of Venethor's (Tim) since we were in grade school. I've played many games with him such as Diablo 1 + 2, SC1+2, War 3, Dota, WoW, HoN. My mmo experience started with WoW where I played an Alliance Pally, Hunter and Priest on Mannoroth with the guild RNS and TSM. After a while, I moved to Cho'gall with TSM due to lag and then transfered to Blackrock to play with some RL friends during Wrath and Cata.

For wow, my toon names were Antonius, Wintersong, Xeris

I'll probably go with Xandon for SWTOR.


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Hi Xandon and welcome.

Please feel free to jump on irc (if you haven't already) while we wait for Venethor to confirm.


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I have known Xandon for over fifteen years. I will vouch for him in all aspects and I know he would make a fine member of legion.
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Hey Xandon, and welcome to the forums and to us :)

Access fixed.

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thx =D

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Loves Polls :)
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welcome :)

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oh god its anton


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