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Legionaires with WoW nostalgia?
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Legionaires with WoW nostalgia?

Hey guys,

Not sure if this is acceptable by the posting guidelines (where are they?) but this apparently checks out legally so I couldn't think of a reason not to post.

Just wanted to give the people with some WoW Classic nostalgia a heads up about a pretty good emulator server I've found. It's hosted in a T3 data center and is run by a wealthy individual that is funding everything. It has a solid team of developers that crush exploits and crank out bug fixes on a regular basis and that have just begun work on implementing movemaps. There are definitely a few existing bugs with some quests and some spells but they seem to be moving through all of these at a steady pace and are getting the server closer and closer to how Bliz did things back in the day.

Currently there is a strong Alliance guild that's raiding after a merger between two guilds but Horde is struggling a little. A Horde guild exists made up of goons from Something Aweful(.com) that have begun progressing through MC and have matched the progression of the Alliance guild. They have effectively killed of raiding for anyone that isn't prepared to put up with Goons but there is a second guild on Horde (that I'm in at the moment) with about 30 or so 60's ready to step in to MC that is filled with some really talented players with really good attitudes. Although we have 30 or so players at the moment we could really use a boost to numbers and skill from high caliber players like Legionaires to put the goons in their place haha.

It took me a while to think to post this here but If anyone here were interested we'd welcome them with open arms. I'm fairly sure everyone in the guild would even invest in you by helping you level up if you let us know you were from here. The server can be found at http://www.therebirth.net/ and my in game nick is Ffaux. If you do end up joining send me in game mail and I'll get you into the guild and get everyone to give you a hand.

Peace! Hope to see you in Azeroth!

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let it die.. :(

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The Old Republic has come!

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Originally Posted by Gaijin View Post
The Old Republic has come!
Long live the Empire!

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Haha good luck in TOR fellas. The guild I was in just broke down due to lack of numbers. Goons win the day.

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